Half Sun, Half Shade…

One day Birbal happened to pass a harmless comment on Akbar’s sense of humor. But Akbar was no fool. He got very angry and ordered him to not only leave the court, but also the city of Agra, his capital. Birbal was terribly hurt but could not do anything about it. So Birbal left. But now Akbar was missing him. He wanted him back in the Court. He could not do anything without him. He wanted to call him but he didn’t know his whereabouts. Nobody else also knew where he was.

One day an intelligent Saadhu (saint) came to his court and told him the way to search for him. Now Akbar did as the Saadhu said to him. He announced that he would give one thousand gold coins whosoever will come to his Court in half sun and in half shade.

Next day a villager came carrying a string cot over his head and claimed the money. He said, “I am in half sun and in half shade.”  Akbar understood that this man cannot do it himself. On interrogation he confessed that Birbal suggested him this plan. Akbar was very happy to hear this. Immediately he called Birbal and they had a happy reunion.

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