The Tip…

Nasrudin went into a bathhouse dressed in worn out clothing.

The bath attendant, taking him to be poor, didn’t give him much care, only throwing him a towel. When Nasrudin was done bathing, however, he gave the attendant a big tip.

The next week, Nasrudin came to the bathhouse again-and this time, the attendant gave him the royal treatment, hoping for yet another jackpot tip.

This time, however, Nasrudin flung a mere dime his way, and gave him a nasty look to boot.

As the attendant stood there with a disappointed look on his face, Nasrudin turned to him and said, “This tip is for the services you gave me last week; the tip I gave you last week was for today’s services.”

Source : http://www.rodneyohebsion.com/

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