When You Wake Up – Rev. Heng Sure

Mother is compassion, father is wisdom,
Buddha is the child.
Mother is matter, father is energy,
Kindness is the child.

When you close your eyes and slumber,
You ride your dreams and wander,
The stars in the sky will guide you home.
When you wake up in the morning,

The sun is your companion,
All the world will greet you with a song.
Mother is the ocean, father is the island,
Waves on the beach are the child,

Moon is the mother, sun is the father,
Light in the eye is the child.
Be kind to tiny creatures, contemplate their sounds,
Love the smallest and you live with love;

When your eyes are open,
May you meet with Bodhisattvas,
And everyone awakens before long.
Mother is the paper, father is the notes,

Song is the child.
Mother is the valley, father is the mountain,
Echoes are the child.
Now you close your eyes and slumber, I look at you and wonder,
Who you’ve been and who you will become;
May your life bring people blessings,
May your words dispel the darkness,
May you shine like the morning sun.

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